About CTSA and its History (The Reader's Digest Version!)

Back on January 29, 1977 Dean Worcester and 13 of his friends met at the Naval Academy and founded the Chesapeake Traditional Sailboat Association. The members' seven schooners and three other traditional boats organized to "increase opportunities for racing, cruising and group activities of traditional boats". That mission statement continues today!

Early on the CTSA became an associate club of the American Schooner Association. While the two clubs' association lasted only a few years, the camaraderie continues. Later on a splinter group of catboats, which sailed as a class in CTSA, split off to form the successful Chesapeake Catboat Association.

CTSA SailingToday CTSA continues its mission to encourage participation in the preservation and operation of traditional sailing craft. The club's main activities are social events on shore and on the water and coordinated sailing in company (that others might call races). The Calendar of Events lists the primary activities. Boats that participate range from seven to sixty feet and from newly built (to an old design or design style), to well over one hundred years old!

The 5-10 club events per year are covered by the very reasonable dues of $15 per year. No additional fees are charged! If you think you might be interested in participating feel free to contact us!